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Bajan Yupiter - Sirena
 Y        Here both leading soloists of the world and simple Yupiter players.

Yupiter player -  Yuri Shishkin Yupiter player -  Yuri Shishkin

             International Competitions Award Winner

I love my Yupiter-Bajan very much, because he has an exceptional and flexible sound. It is the most perfect instrument, with his tone you can express the most excellent nuances and every mood.
To play with him is a company with a wonderful partner. The possibilities of the Yupiter-Bajan are immense, only with him you can realize all brave ideas. He inspires and he tells you somethings, he uncovers the player.

With my Yupiter I play with symphony orchestras without microphones! While playing solo I get all limits of dynamics from fivefold piano fivefold forte and the most perfect transparency of creation.

You can change the expression, also on one tone, without interrupting him! Like a poet of music Yupiter ist his best spokesman and therefore the music opens the biggest secrets to the player.

Professor of accordion in Hanover Music and Theatre, Higher School (Germany). Honoured Professor of Tianjin Higher Music School (China)
Ms Moser was presented the highest state award by Roman Herzog, President of Germany, in 1997 for "having introduced an unrecognised instrument into concert halls".

My Yupiter for me is the wonderful feeling that gives me an opportunity to go "from person to person".

Jupiter Spieler -  Elsbeth Moser Jupiter Spieler -  Elsbeth Moser

             Professor of accordion in Hanover

Yupiter player -  Annette Rißner Yupiter player -  Annette Rißner

             Student of the college of music Berlin

Virtuosity in music means giving the audience pure music and the passion of playing by mastering all technical difficulties.
The Yupiter accordion represents the virtuosity of the manufacture of musical instruments. A miracle still unimaginable for me is the construction and manufacture of such complex instruments: Hundreds of skilful fixtures, a mechanism adjusted with an exactness within fractumes of millimeters, the multitude of operational sequences in the creation of sound...
Yet all this is far away, when you hear the sound of a Yupiter instrument.
Peculiar chatacterization and a wide range of application are the attributes which make my everyday companion so precious. The friendship-relation with his instrument may certainly be the most valuable feeling of a musician

So I am expressing my appreciation and gratitude to the complete team of the Yupiter Company.

In the summer of 1967, during entrance exams in the Gnesins Institute, I felt like familiarizing myself with products of the famous Soviet Army Accordion Factory. For some reason a doorman did not allow me to come into the factory building. After a while a good-looking young man turned up at the factory gate. “Don`t they let you in? Come on in with me,” he said. That was how I first met Mr. Ginzbourg, the engineer-in-chief. We made friends two years later during an international competition in Copenhagen, where he was a guest of honour, and where I was lucky to win. Mr. Ginzbourg spoke with enthusiasm about a new model of Yupiter accordion which was under construction by a talented designer Yu. Volkovich. Soon after thet I became an owner of a cherished instrument with voices by an excellent master V. Vassiliyev. Since then I have been in love with the Yupiter because it helps me to express in sounds the most intimate emotions which cannot be put into words. The Yupiter accordion harmonizes wiht string and wind instruments in chamber music, and it can also hold dynamic competition in a concert with a symphony orchestra. Nowadays the Yupiter comany headed by Mr. S. Barinov upholds the tradition of making high-class accordions recognized all over the world.

Yupiter player -  Friedrich Lips Yupiter player -  Friedrich Lips

             Professor an der Gnesins Akademie

Yupiter player -  Alexander Sevastian Yupiter player -  Alexander Sevastian

             International Competitions Award Winner

During its thirty-year-long existence the Yupiter has won the hearts of the majority of the accordion art admirers.
This instrument possesses a unique inimitable sound. It is capable of reproducing the widest range of emotions – from mournful elevated lyricism to boundless irrepressible joy. The instrument`s voices are notable for noble velvety sound. The highest quality of riveting reeds and intricate making of resonators makes it possible to get a rich sound and timbre unity in all registers.
The progressive mechanics allows forgetting about technological malfunctions during performance.
Thanks to all these merits the Yupiter is popular with Russian and foreign performers.

In the last 5 – 10 years a great interest has aroused in professionally teaching young children to play the accordion. One of those who seriously tackled this issue was a prominent accordionist Joseph Pouritz. He developed a specials mechod of teaching young accordionists. It was only natural that a need for a small instrument aroused. Being extremely exacting to the quality of the sound, Joseph Pouritz chose the Yupiter accordion for himself. In his opinion, an accordion for children should possess all the qualities that the Yupiter accordions for adults had. A high-quality instrument is necessary for training a profesional performer.

In the long run, there appeared younger brothers of the Yupiter accordion – a three-voice Yupiter Junior (range – 55 right and 50 left) and a four-voice Yupiter with the same range. Masters succeeded in creating a mobile, harmonious instrument meeting the strictest requirements of modern performing. The first children who got these accordions were winners of International Competitions Joseph Pouritz, Jr. and Katya Zubko trained by Nataliya Pouritz (Children`s Music School No.77, Moscow).

     Jupiter Spieler -  Joseph Pouritz Jupiter Spieler -  Joseph Pouritz

             International Competitions Award Winner

Jupiter Spieler -  Lipetsk Trio Jupiter Spieler -  Lipetsk Trio

  Sergej Jelchaninov, Victor Karpiy, Vjatscheslav Melnik

The Lipetsk Trio of Accordionists have been playing the Yupiter accordions since 1983. During 18 concert seasons our ensemble gave almost three thousand concerts in Russia and in many other countries.
The Yupiter accordion is a unique and universal instrument combining different timbres, colours and shades of sounding making it possible to perform a wide repertoire – from old composers to our contemporaries, as well as jazz, pop and folk music. Our three Yupiters perfectly presented themselves in different (even terrible) conditions of transprting and exploitation. The Yupiter accordions are among the best in the world. They embody the artistic idea of the Russian genius!
That is why the Lipetsk Trio of Accordionists prefer to play the Yupiter accordions.

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